Saturday, March 27, 2004

Why Catholics for Bush? (Part 1)

Back in Feb I came across a Yahoo! group called, Catholics for Kerry. It did not surprise me that there was such a group given Sen Kerry being a Catholic. What was surprising were the posts by members justifying Kerry's support for abortion. To me it is scandalous that Catholics, esp. pro-life Catholics, were enthusiastically supporting Kerry despite his strong vocal support for abortion and government funding of abortion here and abroad. So, I joined the group and added my voice to the handful of others who were at least wary of Kerry's pro-abortion stance. I pointed out the Doctrinal Note on some questions regarding the participation of Catholics in political life, which highlighted the importance of Catholic politicians and voters in protecting life at all stages. I shared articles and my own understanding of Church teachings. I dialogged with other members. In time the group owner guessed I was not a Kerry supporter and removed me from the group. I was disheartened and sad for those still in the group. In my mind, it will be scandalous for all Catholics as well as disastrous for the pro-life movement if a pro-abortion Catholic wins the White House.

Being removed and banned from the group I was moved to start another Yahoo! Group: Catholics for Bush. And now several weeks later I have started this blog to increase the presence of Catholics for Bush on the Internet. This is an unofficial grassroots group and I am not affiliated with the Bush campaign.

I will post more soon on why Catholics should support and vote for President Bush.


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