Thursday, April 08, 2004

Marriage debate blogs

Stanley Kurtz over at NRO's The Corner points out some great blogs dealing with the marriage debate. You can find them on the links list below.

For anyone interested in the debate over same-sex marriage–and issues related to marriage in general–there are two must-read blogs. The blog at features news and excellent give and take on the gay marriage question--from those in favor and opposed. For very sharp takes on issues related to marriage in general–including plenty of stuff on same-sex marriage--see Elizabeth Marquardt, one of the bloggers over at, has put up some very interesting posts of late on polyamory (group marriage). I’ve written extensively about polyamory, but Marquardt has some very interesting new material on polyamory and children. And Marquardt and Tom Sylvester have both put up some interesting posts on the possibility that the Unitarian Universalists might be the first major religious denomination to celebrate polyamorous marriages.


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