Tuesday, May 18, 2004

A Pope & a President - Michael Novak

Some excerpts from Mr Novak's article:

The pope and the president have this in common: They see noble possibilities where others see lifeless landscapes. Where others say, "It can't be done," the pope has been heard to say: "Be not afraid!" and his biographer says the leitmotiv of his life is as the world's premier "Witness to Hope." The president has been heard to say, "We have a chance to change history, to launch a tide of democracy where it has never reached before."

This should be repeated to all those who state this war was immoral.

The pope well understands the circumstances which led the president to obey the obligation of the presidential office, as the president saw it, to act in Iraq in March of 2003, even as the pope was doing everything possible to dissuade him, and to make war unnecessary. Both leaders have been over that ground together before. They are focused now on bringing peace and order — a new order, a new possibility — to a crucial and long-troubled region.

It says alot when it is noted Bush and the Holy Father have the same enemies.

And, just by the way, although it may be different in Europe, a great many of the groups in America that most hate President Bush also hate the Catholic Church, and say so quite openly. Regarding abortion, euthanasia, stem-cell research, cloning, and same-sex marriage, the vision the Catholic church upholds of the unity of body and soul stands athwart the sexual politics of many powerful elites, and is not at all appreciated by them. The fact that the position of President Bush is quite close to the Catholic view is another reason why our elites so intensely hate him.


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