Monday, June 14, 2004

Catholics split over Prez race

But even though many voters do not know Kerry is Catholic, the Democratic front-runner edged Bush by a statistically insignificant 45%-to-43% margin among Catholic voters, a crucial constituency.

Some in the Bush camp think this is too close and that more Catholics will move to Kerry as the election nears. However,

Bush has forged a powerful lead among Catholics who attend church at least once a week, a strength that reflects his enduring across-the-board appeal to devoutly religious voters. But Kerry leads among Catholics who rarely attend church services, and the race is a dead heat among moderately religious Catholics.

There is no way the president is going to win over many Catholics who do not attend Church regulary. The votes he needs are those who do attend Church and may be bothered by the war in Iraq. Work to be done and only 5 months to go.


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