Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Bush and the media

"There are times when, given the political climate in the country, President Bush must wonder why anyone would want the job as President. When things go wrong on his watch, of course he gets the blame and that is to be expected. Yet, when things go right, he hardly ever gets the credit. The mainstream media looks for any reason to discredit Bush and his capable administration. It is little wonder that half the country now gets much of their news from the Internet, talk radio and the Fox News Channel. At least the President gets a fair shake in these outlets. One can only wonder what the President's numbers would be like if the other half of the nation got information from media which was fair to the President. Maybe we would not be such a closely divided nation after all." --Paul M. Weyrich


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hehe, I took a journalism class in college last year and we did a 'fair and balanced' look at the major tv news outlets. Fox News came in last place- CSPAN came in first. This was a christian college, mind you. What do they know, they're probably just puppets of the radical left.

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