Thursday, August 05, 2004

Catholicism and Politics


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I am not surprised to hear nothing about this on the news, but it appears that Jerome Corsi, the co-author of the Swift Boat veterans book, is actually a virulent anti-Catholic, who publishes regularly on under the name Jrlc. Here a couple of quotes, the editing of the profanity is my own but you can find the quotes on the site by Corsi:

"Maybe while he's there he can tell the UN what he's going to do about the
sexual crimes committed by "priests" in his "Church" during his tenure.
Or, maybe that's the connection -- boy b**gering in both Islam and
Catholicism is okay with the Pope as long as it isn't reported by the liberal

"So this is what the last days of the Catholic Church are going to look like.
B**gering boys undermines the moral base and the laywers rip the gold
off the Vatican altars. We may get one more Pope, when this senile one
dies, but that's probably about it. "


I am afraid that many decent Catholics are embracing these guys without knowing who they really are... I tend to doubt that Corsi wrote the book because he hates Catholics, but there seems to be little doubt that the guy is a hateful bigot. Embracing this kind of guy, I think, is very very wrong.

The moral: Sometimes the enemy of mine enemy is still
my enemy.

There are plenty of reasons to support Bush without
supporting this kind of scum...

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