Thursday, August 26, 2004

Responding to Catholics for Democracy

Catholics for Democracy, which seems to be a Catholics for Kerry or Catholics against Bush group, has recently commented on this blog. They seem to think we are some how conflicted over whether or not to support the USCCB. I have stated before that our bishops, as successors to the apostles, deserve our respect and attention. Our bishops are human and are fallible and like the rest of us have faults. But to suggest we think the bishops "fall just short of anti-Christ status" is false and misleading. I am assuming that is not their purpose and all should know we do not feel this way.

The USCCB is made up of the American bishops, but is mostly run by laity and religious, and though not obvious, these men and women have an agenda which often diverges from the bishops' and Church teachings. That is bothersome. It should be pointed out and corrected whenever it occurs. The USCCB presidential survey is one of these instances. This is not picking and choosing. This is an attempt to respectfully correct. I hope this clears it up for them and all the readers of this blog.


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