Sunday, September 19, 2004

Cardinal Ratzinger and the conscience of Catholic voters

George Weigel's take on the Ratzinger memo.

The "proportionate reasons" for pro-life Catholics to support pro-abortion candidates must be very, very weighty indeed. Catholics considering a vote for pro-abortion candidates, as well as those who are spinning Cardinal Ratzinger’s letter for partisan ends, must define what those reasons would be.

Theirs is a difficult task.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The most proportional of reasons to ban killing embryos EVER!

Don't the Catholic Church teach that shooting spunk anywhere but in your wife's fertile womb is sin? Should we not nip this in the bud and outlaw condoms, birth control pills, and male/female enhancement drugs? Did you know that countless embryos get killed off by these things? Did you know that 50 Million+ get killed every year by birth control devices? Explain that one, or do you not believe in the Catholic Church's teachings? Hmm...kay?

8:22 PM  

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