Wednesday, September 29, 2004

"Seismic" Catholic Shift to Bush

President George W. Bush has suddenly acquired a commanding lead among Catholic voters over his Democratic rival, Sen. John Kerry, according to the latest survey of the California-based Barna Research Group.

Barna called this finding a 'seismic shift.' In May, Kerry led Bush 48-to-43 percent among Catholics. Today, the ratio has changed to 53-to-36 percent in Bush's favor, reports Barna, an organization researching opinions and behaviors of the religious communities in the United States.

'That swing is attributable to an encompassing assessment by many Catholics of the leadership abilities, character, and policy stands of both candidates,' pollster George Barna said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

----By the same token, some voters might again switch allegiance as a result of campaign spending, debates "and the continuing saga of forged documents."----

Ahhh, the continuing saga of forged documents- certainly my reason for voting for Bush.

Bush and Jesus hates fags and Iraqis.

4:38 PM  

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