Thursday, October 14, 2004

Article of Faith

Kerry says faith affects his other positions, so why not abortion?

What article of faith was Kerry talking about? That abortion kills an innocent human being? That's not a peculiarly Catholic belief or "article of faith." Plenty of people who aren't Catholics think abortion entails taking an innocent human life. President Bush does, and he's a Methodist, not a Catholic. So too many Lutherans, Baptists, Nazarenes, Presbyterians, and Episcopalians agree with faithful Catholics and President Bush. Then there are non-Christians, including many Jews, Muslims, and Hindus, for whom abortion is the killing an innocent human being. Indeed, some people with no religion at all or who deny God's existence take the same position.

How, then, can opposition to abortion rights be "an article of faith"? Or if it is, why should that preclude opposing abortion on other grounds held in common with people who don't necessarily share one's faith?

Apparently, whatever scruples Senator Kerry has about his Catholicism informing his views of abortion and embryonic-stem-cell research don't affect his stances on many other political issues.


Blogger ADHDude said...

Here's what I just don't get: Politicians like Kerry, Cuomo, Obama, etc., say as Christians they personally oppose abortion, but they cannot impose this personal religious belief on others in a pluralistic society. The belief that a human person's life begins at fertilization is not just some obscure, abstract, esoteric religious dogma, but rather one that is fully supported by biological and medical science (despite their best efforts to deny or ignore this fact). So Kerry has made a decision that a woman's life is more important, has more value, than the life of the fetal human being she is carrying. Not equally as important--more important. He is on the "WRONG" side of this issue, as history will prove....

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So it's all about Pro Life. VOTE FOR BUSH!!!! HE EXECUTED 152 PRISONERS DURING HIS TERM AS TEXAS GOVERNOR!!!!! That promotes a culture of life!! When does the respect and dignity for life end? All the abortion people seem to forget about death row. Or don't those lives matter? Bush is a murderer. Kerry is pro murder/choice. Kerry never gave the call to flip the switch. I'm Catholic and God help us all if Bush gets re-elected!

9:04 PM  
Blogger ADHDude said...

Certainly opposition to capital punishment is a pro-life issue that promotes the culture of life. The lives of death row prisoners do matter. However, there are a number of significant differences between abortion and capital punishment that must be addressed. First, the fact is that more than a million abortions are performed yearly in the United States. That amounts to more than a million human beings whose lives are terminated. Contrast that huge number to the number of prisoners executed. And it would be safe to say that it the vast majority of those cases, the abortion was performed NOT because the life of the woman was threatened. Second, although the church strongly discourages executions as being unnecessary in a civilized society, the Catholic Church has always allowed (and still allows) the state to use capital punishment as an option to protect the lives of its innocent citizens. Bush is not a murderer: He acted in his capacity as governor. Finally, the death row inmate faces execution as punishment for a crime he or she committed. What did the fetal human being do to deserve having his or her life terminated? It all has to do with proportionality.

6:41 AM  

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