Sunday, October 10, 2004

Catholics Not Welcome by Kerry/Edwards Campaign

Blogs for Bush and Times Against Humanity has the story on the way a group of seminarians was treated by the Kerry-Edwards campaign. This is a must read for all Catholics. It shows the truth about what Kerry supporters think of faithful Catholics.

A first-hand account from one of the seminarians can be found here.


Blogger Earl said...

Thank you for noting Times Against Humanity's report on this important story that the DMC (dominant media culture)is unlikely to cover for the usual reasons.

As a Catholic husband and father, I am encouraged to see future priests stand up for our faith as did the saints of old. My prayers are with them, and, if yours are too, I urge you to let them know. (Times' report has the e-mail link.)

Thanks again.

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As we know as Catholics for Bush, we were all kicked out of the Catholics For Kerry yahoo group because they considered our disagreements with them "obnoxious". As a voter, if they ever had a hope in the world of convincing me, they would have at least let us have and open discussion. It tells you the depth of closed mindedness on their part, it made me fear that sitting next to them in Mass, if they knew I was a Bush supporter would have them turn away from me during the handshake of peace. More ominous is a greater fear of what would happen to free speech in a Kerry Presidency. We would be squashed, just as they tried to squash our speech. This is a group that wants to decide who GETS to be the haves and the have nots. They want to decide exactly how much is too much to make, and then if you make too much in their estimation, they will redistribute your wealth to the have nots, which they also decide. The arrogance of this is beyond evil. They decide who the poor are, and if they deem to stretch it out for their own political purposes, they will do so. Perhaps the poor now are people that don't have a college education or a TV or a car, instead of the basic necessities of basic medical care, food and a roof over ones head.

5:33 AM  

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