Saturday, May 14, 2005

FMA Now!

For those who think the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) is just a political move intended only to please religious conservatives so they will keep voting Republican, check out Stanley Kurtz's piece on why, in light of the federal judicial ruling striking down Nebraska's same-sex marriage ban, the FMA is needed.

Thursday’s decision by a federal court to overturn Nebraska’s state constitutional marriage amendment is a landmark moment in the battle over same-sex marriage. For the first time, a federal court has taken this matter out of the hands of a state. A constitutional amendment passed with a 70 percent majority of Nebraska’s voters has been voided. There could be no clearer demonstration of the arrogance of activist judges. This should remind Republican senators of the urgent need to confirm the president’s nominees to the bench. And of course this decision clearly shows that, without a federal marriage amendment, same-sex marriage is destined to be imposed on the country by the courts.


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