Thursday, July 14, 2005

Forced Abortion in China Thwarted by Hong Kong Officials

For all those who think funding UNFPA (which promotes such actions as below) is okay read the following:

HONG KONG, July 13, 2005 ( – A Hong Kong woman, visiting her family in June on China’s mainland accompanied by her two children, was surrounded by eight 'family-planning' officers and threatened with a forced abortion for violating China’s one-child policy.

The Hong Kong paper The Apple Daily reports that the officers surrounded the 31 year-old woman at a relative’s home in central Hunan province where she was visiting. They then tried to drag her to a hospital to forcibly abort her 6-month old unborn baby, ignoring the fact that as a citizen of Hong Kong, the woman was not subject to the one-child policy.

'Hong Kong is part of China and also follows China’s policies,' the officials claimed, according to an AFP report. They then stripped her of her travel documents.

She was freed after being allowed to contact Hong Kong immigration officials by phone, who warned the family planning officials that their actions were illegal.



Blogger Matt said...

But attacking China on human rights record (not just forced abortion) is something big boy Bush prefers to leave to wimpy liberals, right?

Cos you don't want to be in China's bad books, right?

It was China and US which was always helping Pakistan, which used much of the money and weapons to help train terrorists right?

Because Pakistan was temporarily useful to US, and later was a bad necessity (once the terrorists were trained and attakced US and now London, they are only ones who can help catch a few of them!)


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