Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Compare and Choose

This is a smart and to-the-point piece from Oswald Sobrino over at Catholic Analysis. He hits on abortion, the death penalty, the war in Iraq, stem cells and same-sex marriage and compares the positions of President Bush and Senator Kerry. Read it. Print it. Know it. Pass it out to cafeteria Catholics. Pass it out to serious Catholics.

In sum, because Roe v. Wade has made the widespread and routine murder of the innocent socially acceptable, the fate of this court decision is paramount: roll back Roe v. Wade or maintain and strengthen Roe v. Wade? Bush would roll it back, while Kerry would strengthen the reach of Roe v. Wade, as he has proven by opposing even the ban on partial birth abortion. If Democrats want the intelligent and conscientious Catholic vote, they have to begin by rejecting Roe v. Wade--something the Democrats will never do because it is a pillar of their party's very existence. The Democrats have written off the informed Catholic vote. We Catholics should write them off as well. Liberal Catholics, including some prominent clerics, who seek to obscure the obvious moral choice are playing a game of smoke and mirrors.


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