Monday, June 28, 2004

US Catholics Split on Presidential Race; With 40 Percent for Bush, 40 percent for Kerry

This is a Catholics for a Free Choice poll, so take it for what it is worth. They promise the full report 13 July


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This is a Catholics for a Free Choice poll, so take it for what it is worth."

Which would be precisely zip.

12:13 AM  
Blogger dt said...

As Catholics, consider these questions when choosing a candidate:

1) Are your candidates political positions, campaign themes, and voting records indicative of Catholic positions or church doctrine?

2) Would you support a candidate who voted to allow minors to be transported across state lines for an abortion in order to avoid having to notify their parents they were getting an abortion?

3) If your candidate voted in favor of the most gruesome form of abortion, marched in parades with pro-abortion forces, spent time visiting Planned Parenthood clinics, and speaks before pro-abortion groups like NARAL, are his actions consistent with your Catholic values?

4) Does your faith support same sex marriage? What is your candidate’s voting record on the Defense of Marriage Act? Voting against this act supports homosexual civil unions, which is in opposition of the church’s position on the matter.

5) If, as Senator Kerry has, you made public statements contradicting the Holy Father to politically distance yourself from the Catholic Church, would you then ask Catholics to vote for you because you are "one of us"?

6) Have your fallen into the trap of believing that the success of the economy is the most important issue facing our nation? Or does your candidate believe that because good and evil cannot co-exist, protecting our nation from attack should take center stage?

7) Where does your candidate stand on traditional family values and moral issues?

8) Where does your candidate stand on protecting Israel? Have you been led to believe that we have sent “boys” to fight an unjustified war? Or, have you come to the realization that our armed forces (professional soldiers who are men, not boys) have been fighting in attempt to stabilize a volatile region of the world, which breeds terrorism against the U.S. and poses a constant threat to Israel? The “boys” that are going to war are the 13 year olds in the middle east that strap bombs to their bodies and are taught to hate Jews, Americans and even Christians. Does your candidate believe that good and evil can co-exist?

We are not called to judge a candidate’s heart. However, as Catholics we have an obligation to judge his politics to determine if we support his candidacy or not. We have to ask questions, and hold our own answers up to the light and weigh them, especially since we say “we believe in the Holy Catholic Church.” We are making a commitment when we profess our faith. Is your candidate a genuine “Catholic candidate” or a genuine threat to Catholic values?

5:22 AM  

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