Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Bush Agenda

But aides say there are other items Bush is proposing that the media has almost completely ignored, especially in the area of job training.

One is a $250 million expansion of aid to community colleges so that they can retrain workers for new jobs that are available in their localities.

As one example, an administration official cited North Carolina, where tobacco and textile jobs are disappearing. There, the official said, 'community colleges have turned into dramatic retraining opportunities. In Winston-Salem, they're taking people who worked in the tobacco warehouses or textile mills and turning them into biotech workers at a rate where, literally, they'll hire everyone who comes out of a community college program.
'Our expansion of aid to community colleges is all designed to encourage expansion of job-training programs. And nobody, nobody [in the media] has paid any attention to it.'

This is what needs to be done and the reason the media ignores it is because it shows the president's ideas make sense, work, and are popular.


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