Thursday, August 26, 2004

Bush is not really pro-life? What?!?

An argument has been made by some Kerry Catholics, that goes something like this. "Bush says he is pro-life. Abortion is still legal. Thus, Bush is really not pro-life." This is weak. President Bush has a list of pro-life accomplishments which he and Catholics should be proud of. Kerry Catholics claim nothing on this list has led us to undoing the legality of abortion. I disagree.

So, I ask the Kerry Catholics what more could President Bush do? Sure, he could talk about abortion at ever stop, in every venue, in every speech. And given that the federal judiciary truly holds the keys to outlawing abortion, he could appoint openly pro-life judges (and justices to the Supreme Court) and if the Senate refuses to confirm them, he could recess appoint them. Or he could leave the judgeships vacant exacerbating the crisis in our federal judiciary. He could frustrate senators who will not confirm his pro-life judges by vetoing legislation, esp. government spending. And I mean all spending. Shut it down, like they did in the mid '90s.

Would he succeed? Probably not. He would likely alienate Republican senators and congressmen, likely cripple the federal judiciary, and the office of the presidency. And this would lead to a probable Democratic victory during the next elections which would halt any progress in the fight to end abortion. As well, the mark against the pro-life movement and its supporters would be very damaging. So, instead President Bush chooses other avenues to advance the culture of life. This is done within the political reality in which he must work. Though they are small steps they are very welcome.

Just as those who viewed the evil of slavery in the mid 1800s and believed it was not a permanent institution laid out by the Founders, pro-lifers see the evil of abortion and also believe it is is not a permanent institution enshrined in the Constitution by the Supreme Court. We look to a day when abortion will be illegal. It will come. We look to a day when we can solely focus on other issues of importance to all Catholics--capital punishment, the war on terror, health care, education, care for the needy, etc. Until that day, Catholics must choose leaders who will advance the course toward ending abortion, how ever slow it may be.

Catholics support President Bush, for he has done and will continue to do what he can, when he can, to defend the unborn. I credit Kerry Catholics who believe deeply in opposing the death penalty and question our war in Iraq, but opposition to abortion, as well as ESCR, cloning and euthanasia are all so much more important right now. If we cannot defend the most innocent among us, those in the womb, then how long will it be before we see attacks on other unwanteds? We all ready see it with the elderly and terminally ill. This must be addressed first and foremost, then we can get to the others.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If we cannot defend the most innocent among us, those in the womb, then how long will it be before we see attacks on other unwanteds? We all ready see it with the elderly and terminally ill.Oh, we all agree- but really, we are all born to sin, so the embryo in the womb is no better off than the pope. Who is truely innocent- you? Let's not get bogged down in the details and simply state that Bush is better than Kerry- for if you do get into details, perhaps you'd find that one might be more pro-living for more people than the other.

4:53 PM  
Blogger David said...

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1:40 AM  
Blogger David said...

More, pro-living? Sure, hands down--President Bush.

1:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm for pro-living, unless someone rapes my daughter. Then I'm with Bush and want to kill the perpetrator. I then am with my daughter and Kerry in wanting to get an abortion for her. I'm with Kerry when I want to have cleaner air and water. I'm with Bush when I want to keep more of my money (I make way more than $200k). All these things are pro-living. Some one-trick ponies like to think abortion beats everything else hands down, but if you look at the sheer numbers of people dieing, 1.3 million abortions don't beat 20 million other preventable causes that our good president doesn't fully care about, thus doesn't support.

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pro living does not fulfill your obligation as a Catholic to help protect the innocent and the oppressed. One can't compare people that have choices to people that do not. We have an obligation to stop this barbaric disgusting practice before our country ends up like the countries that want to kill live children. We have a chance to do that NOW. If we elect conservatives that agree with our cause. We do have a chance to over turn Roe. If you vote for John Kerry, you help him sin. You help him murder innocent children because he believes that the law should not be over turned.

11:32 AM  

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