Friday, August 20, 2004

Help is on the way?

Paul Contino has written a piece which has been published in the Christian Science Monitor and Los Angeles Times, as well as mentioned in the Washington Times. He is calling on Senator Kerry to "offer a guarantee that any woman with an unwanted pregnancy would be assisted by the federal government, perhaps in league with faith-based initiatives, and that she would be granted the kind of support that would help her consider her options. That means financial aid, adoption counseling and, most important, should she decide to raise her child, continuing material support after the birth."
I, like Mr Contino, believe that if Senator Kerry would take this advice, it could go a long way to sealing his election as president. Yet, by proposing and advocating for such a plan Senator Kerry would still pale in comparison to the pro-life record of President Bush and would still reject the Catholic teachings on opposition to abortion. 
I believe, if Senator Kerry took this advice, but still ignored Church teachings and maintained his promises to appoint federal judges who will uphold Roe v. Wade, rescind the Mexico City policy, refuse to support/sign legislation similar to the Partial Birth Abortion ban or Unborn Victims of Violence Act, and allow federal funding of international organizations which support and provide abortions, he might convince (or fool) some citizens uneasy about these stands to vote for him, but it would not be enough to warrant any serious support from serious Catholics and other pro-lifers
Why? Because, the plan to help these women, though admirable, would be a ruse by Senator Kerry. This idea is only a small piece in the whole effort needed to further advance a 'culture of life' in this country. Proposing a plan like this is like supporting the Underground Railroad in the mid-1800s, but still insisting that legalized slavery be allowed. President Bush's efforts in stemming abortion through legislation, withholding of federal funding, nominating judges open to overturning Roe, supporting adoption, increasing abstinence education funding, etc. go much further in advancing the 'culture of life'.
As well, this plan does nothing in regards to other pro-life issues--ESCR, cloning, and euthanasia--all issues which Senator Kerry is either ignoring Church teachings or is so vague about where he stands, that he may as well be ignoring them.
I would welcome a plan along the lines laid out by Mr Contino, in conjunction with President Bush's faith based initiatives. (There may already be such help being provided with federal funding through these initiatives.) Remember, this kind of help is already provided by private charities and volunteers around the country, with the Catholic Church very involved in such efforts.
If Senator Kerry endorsed such a plan I would question why not do more? Though the senator stands on both sides of most issues, I doubt he will ever embrace this plan, for he seems so firmly entrenched with the anti-life crowd. Adopting it would only look like an insincere effort to appease pro-lifers and likely be dismissed as pandering. As stated before, President Bush's has done much in the fight against abortion. More than any previous president. Much still needs done and Senator Kerry has made it clear, regardless of any future promises like Mr Contino's, that he is not willing to help us in this fight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Democrats have refused to extend their protection to the weakest and most vulnerable - unborn children."

Continino's statement defining why has not voted Democratic is enlightening. He sees protecting the most vulnerable (1.3MM) the most thing to do. What he fails to see is EVERYTHING else. How many people die from other preventable causes, but the government does little to ban? I would think that he, like most other people, should choose the lesser of two evils, and pick the candidate who will protect the greatest number of people from the greatest number of things that cause death, given our limited resources. Perhaps his 1.3MM are more important than the other 10MM+ preventable deaths that also occur each year.

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