Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Kerry candidacy is a gift from God to the Catholic Church

This is a MUST READ from Austin Ruse on the USCCB's presidential questionaire on National Review Online.

Cracks are appearing in the Soviet-like fa├žade of the lay bureaucracy at the bishops' conference. Some bishops are getting uppity. Like peasants revolting against their masters, a growing number of mostly young, energetic, and orthodox bishops have begun to scale the walls.

And the Kerry candidacy has given them an unexpected toehold. The Kerry candidacy is a gift from God to the Catholic Church. A bad Catholic running for president has brought into high relief the internal contradictions of the USCCB Lefties who support pro-abortion Democrats who happen to be good on gun control.

Faithful Catholics and others may applaud that the presidential questionnaire is dead, at least for this election cycle, and may also hope that its death portends more profound changes at the USCCB, what Henry Hyde once called "the Democratic party at prayer."

Read the whole article.


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