Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Pro-life (In)action?

A member of the forum posted a letter from a pro-life Catholic who has decided President Bush and the GOP only pay lip service to the pro-life movement and thus he will be voting for Senator Kerry. Below is my take on Kerry Catholics claim of GOP lip-service to abortion.

Is this guy legit? I ask because this is one path Kerry Catholics take in opposing President Bush. They point out the supposed "inaction" of Republicans to outlaw abortion and equate them with Democratic pro-abortion policies. Essentially, they see little or no difference between the two. But they fail to point out how the Democrats have promised to, and in the past have moved to, when able, promote and expand abortion here in the United States and throughout the world.

Senator Kerry and the Democratic Party do not just want to maintain the status quo (i.e. just keep abortion legal), rather they want to require that abortion be available in more hospitals, including Catholic hospitals. They want to require medical students to learn how to perform abortions. They want to do away with conscience clauses so those doctors and nurses, personally opposed to abortion, would be forced to perform them or lose their jobs. They want to force institutions, to cover abortifacient contraceptives in health insurance plans. They advocate and vote for the use of federal monies, our tax dollars, to pay for elective abortions and to fund population control organizations around the world, some of which not only voice support for China's forced abortion policies, but help that nation enact them. They want to restrict and silence abortion protesters. They fight against parental notification laws, informed consent laws and the gruesome partial-birth abortion ban. Regardless of how they feel about the progress Republicans and President Bush supposedly have not made, I would think the Democrats' agenda above and the Republican efforts to hold them at bay would weigh heavily with Kerry Catholics. Yet it matters very little, if at all, to them. Their silence is deafening! And when this man goes on about the Bush administration doing "nothing" to end abortion, when there is a real record there, and there is great concern among pro-abortion groups like NARAL about re-electing President Bush, I really question his reservations with Republican pro-life promises and actions.

He is not looking at the facts and I am convinced there are no words which I could write that would matter to him or any other Kerry Catholic. When it comes to opposing abortion, to these people the words of the Pope in apostolic letters and encyclicals matter little, the words from the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith as approved by the Holy Father, matter little, the words (and their true meaning) of Cardinal Ratzinger matter little, the words from the USCCB matter little, the words of American bishops matter little, the real records of state Republicans and President Bush matter little, the likely defeat of the Human Life Amendment and thus the implementation of a more prudent anti-abortion strategy matters little, the political reality in Washington matters little. All that matters to Kerry Catholics is defeating President Bush.

This guy does not need an email from me. He needs my prayers and has them.


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