Monday, September 13, 2004

"Convertible Catholics"

From the St. Cloud Times Online:

Wolsborn also sees Bush's visit as an attempt to attract voters who are leaning in one direction but haven't made a commitment. One such group that is plentiful in this area is known as "convertible Catholics" among political demographers, she said.

"Convertible Catholics" tend to be socially conservative but support social justice. They may oppose Bush's decision to lead the country into war in Iraq but approve of his other actions in the war on terrorism, she said.

Not sure what "convertible" means here? They convert back and forth between Republicans and Democrats? Probably. I have read that they were Reagan Democrats who never felt at home with the GOP. President Clinton won them over with v-chips and school uniforms, but President Bush won many back in 2000.

IMO, "Convertible Catholics" may be under cathecized about social justice, esp. the importance life issues have in these teachings. They are likely to use the "seamless garment" argument and as many have written, giving moral equivalance to opposing abortion and opposing the death penalty or war is not what the Catholic church teaches regarding protecting life.


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