Sunday, September 12, 2004

List of 'battlefield states' shrinking for Kerry

But Kerry has troubles in states that Gore won. Pennsylvania appears more competitive than it was four years ago. Wisconsin, with 10 electoral votes, was one of the closest states in 2000 and remains a problem for Kerry, with Democrats worried about his soft support in the Milwaukee area and among Roman Catholics.

Our Lady of Victory, Pray for Us!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a Catholic in Southern California. I heard the Vaticans position prior to the start of the war in Los Angeles at the Religous Education Conference in February of last year. This war meets none of the requirements of a "just war" and hence is immoral and illegal in the eyes of the Church.

My opinion is that George Bush is as much of a war criminal as Milosovick. He should be tries just as Milosovick is being tried.

6:53 PM  

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