Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kerry Court Threat

Catholic lawyers on a Kerry presidency and the Court.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is very sad that the Catholic religion and its followers have come to consider George W. Bush has their ultimate provider and leader of our great nation. George W. was selected to his presidency by using deceitful, unlawful, family power to swindle his way into the most powerful position on the globe. He has made mistakes after mistakes after mistakes since he took office. He is neither a competent leader nor a man to be trusted to set examples to the world that America is a land of opportunity, the ambassador of peace, and a land of freedom. Pope John was not in the least happy by Bush's unilateral attack on Iraq which has cost us countless of lives both American and Iraqis. Bush's decision was a violent one which killed and wounded thousands for what? How could a leader of a free nation sleep at night knowing he made the decision to send many to their deaths in Iraq because of what? To me, Bush is an abortionist himself. He ordered our children to their deaths for what? They were just following orders, just like a baby is trying to be born. There is really no difference to me. So, please Catholics, take a strong look at this person whom you feel will uphold the catholic teachings by selecting a supreme court judge sympathetic to the catholic teachings, because this is only a reelection decision that Bush has been taught to support so the Bush and Company will rule the next four years. Since the catholic priests feel that politics should be part of the Sunday worship and there is no separation between church and state, then think very hard where your children will be in the next four years, because we are in for some rough times for America and our children. As a practicing Catholic and the mother of a dead son in Iraq, I will vote John Kerry to bring leadership and character back to the oval office for the sake of this great nation and its people.

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first comment from a lady who claims she is a practicing Catholic should send shudders down the spines of those who are faithful to the teachings of the Church.

It is a tragedy that she has a son in Iraq. However, many, many sons have been killed in the wars fought which must be fought for free people to remain free.

What about the murder of over 40 million innocent human beings in the U.S. alone through abortion (not to forget the uncountable millions through contraception and IVT)? Are their lives less worthy than ours?

To imply that Bush stole the election, is a liar and doesn't care about Americans is an implication made from someone who is hiding their head in the sand.

Jesus asked if those who had ears could hear and if those who had eyes could see. Some didn't. Just like today. Hiding one's head in the sand is not going to change the fact that the 21st century is a repeat of the 7th century. Barbarians are attacking with no provocation and they must be stopped. Dead people care about nothing. Dead people are what these extremist's want and they will do anything to see that all of the "infidels" (that's US) are murdered unless they are stopped. It's common sense. It's simple. Kerry has no backbone to stand up to terrorists and is a traitor to his country but worse, a traitor to his professed faith. He has nothing to offer us but lies, inconsistency, and DEATH.

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>What about the murder of over 40 million innocent human beings in the U.S. alone through abortion (not to forget the uncountable millions through contraception and IVT)? Are their lives less worthy than ours?

Cite your sources for this number. If you cannot, my question to you is, why do you have to lie to try to get your point across? And what specific beef do you have against the Iraqi people that you have to justify killing them?

4:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are probably more than that by this time, as the statistics for abortion come from this source:
Source for statistics for 1973 through 1992: Stanley K. Henshaw, et al.,"Abortions Services in the United States, 1991 and 1992," Family Planning Perspectives, vol.26, no.3 (May/June 1994), p.101. and this report
(Based on numbers and estimates reported by the Alan Guttmacher Institute 1973-1996,with NRLC
estimates of 1,365,730 for 1997 and 1998. AGI estimates a possible 3% underreporting rate,
which is factored into the total.)

I did not post the above discussion, I am only helping to provide the sources you wish on abortion numbers. Here are all the statistics from 2001 back to 1973 -

With regards to the Iraqis, I have nothing against those people. I want them to be FREE. I would ask you this, when our soldiers try to protect themselves against the insurgents there, what kind of a father and husband would keep his children and wife in such a dangerous situation. Would keep his family in a house where terrorists are hiding? I would ask you instead, what is wrong with a husband and father that does not protect his family, especially in an insurgency where he KNOWS he can't win. He knows that violence is a given against him if he does not follow the law. Shame on them, and horray for the Iraqis that are helping the US. and our allies. They deserve our prayers, not our disdain.

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