Sunday, October 17, 2004

Communion and Liberation's Take on the Election

For those of you familiar with Communion and Liberation, here is their take on the election:

As Americans who have encountered Christ’s victory in the life of the Church, we ask our leaders to guarantee the freedom to make our contribution to the common good, working together with all other citizens of our country through a respectful dialogue. We ask from those in power to allow—if not facilitate—the various societies to exist, flourish, and prosper. The first among these societies is the family and we support and advocate those policies that protect the family, such as respect for human life in all of its dimensions.

From this point of view, we also identify four sacred values that must be respected. First, we seek the freedom of association: the freedom to build structures, places, and institutions where members of our society can live, gather, and be educated. Next, we insist upon the freedom of education, that freedom that breaks every ideological imposition. We seek the freedom to establish relationships of solidarity with others, assisting all those in need. And we desire that our state recognize the principle of subsidiarity: giving the richness of society the first opportunity to establish structures and associations designed to respond to human needs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, so what does that mean in English?

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