Thursday, October 28, 2004

Does the Bishops' voter guide confuse priorities of magisterial teaching?

Ah...yes it does.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the Pope told us that the war in Iraq would be a mistake, was that not an 'official' statement? When do we take seriously the Pope's statements, and when do we dismiss them because they're not expedient for our candidate?

8:32 AM  
Blogger TERRIER said...

Oh yes its confusing. But then such is the intelligence of the American who has never left his little island that everything is confusing for him.

The Church saying that there are several issues is confusing.

That terrorism is spreading under Bush is confusing.

That Bush lied to America about his reasons for going to war is confusing.

That America is not the world, and catholics are supposed to think about Christianity in the world is confusing.

That every day Bush is President, more Muslims turn fundamentalist in the world is confusing.

That abortion is only one issue, and that too only in America where everyone is so focused on bedding little kids is confusing. That poverty, crime, terrorism, injustice across the world cannot be slowly cured by an America is obsessed with force is confusing.

Why, the pope is confusing because he speaks so slowly!

Whats not confusing:

Shooting before asking questions - a very Christian act - is not confusing.

Showing the middle finger to a woman on video by the President is not confusing.

Evolution is confusing. That evolution is compatible with the teachings of the Church is confusing.

Describing the world as confusing and complex is confusing. Describing it as good and bad, (good being Bush and his supporters in the US) is not confusing.

Retarded Americans!
Retarded Catholics in America! Step out of your ignorant litle country and ask catholics abroad whether Bush is good for morality, peace, less terrorism - and you will know.

But then, stepping out is confusing!!

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barbara refers to a gap between the theologies of the Magisterium and the laity. She seems to have it backwards, however. Polls of the laity indicate that Catholic voters are evenly divided and currently running about 50/50 or perhaps a 1-2% edge for President Bush. Polls of the Catholic clergy indicate at least 60% prefer Kerry, so the sheep (laity) are closer to authentic Catholic teaching than their shepherds are.

3:28 PM  

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