Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Former Vatican Diplomat Praises Bush Foreign Policy in Letter to U.S. Bishops

Former Vatican Diplomat Praises Bush Foreign Policy in Letter to U.S. Bishops
Reveals Bush prevented abortion being declared an international Human right by UN

WASHINGTON, October 25, 2004 ( - John Klink, a senior Vatican diplomat and negotiator from 1988-2001 who worked under Cardinal Renato Martino at the United Nations, has revealed the extent of President George W. Bush's efforts to defend life and family through the UN. In a letter sent to all U.S. Bishops, Klink describes how the U.S. under previous administrations was hostile to life and family but under President Bush immediately reversed its position to support life and family.

Klink warned that in 1999 abortion would have been enshrined as a fundamental human right at the United Nations "in the space of years, not decades," had there not been a radical shift in political leadership. Klink writes to inform the bishops of the underreported "pro-life/pro-family leadership of President Bush at the United Nations since his inauguration in January 2001."

"President Bush's pro-life/pro-family leadership in the international arena began with his reinstatement of President Reagan's 'Mexico City' Policy which effectively banned the provision of US Government funds to Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) who promote or perform abortion overseas, as well as the performance of, or counseling for, abortion in U.S. military facilities," recounts Klink. "It was no accident that he did this as his first official act as President."

Klink also notes that "In this same vein, within 10 days of President Bush's inauguration, the head of the U.S. Delegation to the UN General Assembly's Special Session on Children pronounced a total reversal of previous US policy: the United States would promote and defend the family and parental rights and would not agree to any promotion of abortion, including further use of the UN's abortion pseudonym 'reproductive health services'."

Klink points out that with Bush's appearance on the scene, the Vatican "and the United States had common positions on these issues for the first time in over eight years." Summarizing, Klink writes, "In consonance with President Bush's directives, successive US delegations to a wide variety of UN conferences have unabashedly promoted marriage, abstinence for unmarried adolescents, faithfulness for adult couples, a ban on sexual trafficking of women and children, and a total ban on human cloning."

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