Monday, November 01, 2004

More on the President at Mass yesterday

Mr. Bush, too, went to church. During a service at the Roman Catholic Church of the Epiphany in Miami, Msgr. Jude O'Doherty addressed Mr. Bush, saying, "Your belief in prayer and dependence on God is an example to all of us," according to an account by a pool reporter.

To applause from parishioners, the priest thanked Mr. Bush for his "whole-hearted support of human life" and for supporting the "partial-birth abortion" ban.

My mother saw footage on the news which showed the Monsignor who offered Mass hugging the President outside the church. It moved her, a lifelong Democrat, and I hoped it moved more like her.

Our Lady of Victory! Pray for Us!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A hug like that is worth at least 15 thousand Iraqi civilians killed under false pretenses...

7:34 AM  

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