Friday, October 29, 2004

"Catholic" Group Condemns President Bush for Moral Failures...

This was too disingenuous not to comment on.

The rise in poverty and abortion rates reverse significant progress made on these "life issues" during the 1990's.

The supposed "rise" in abortion rate is questionable. (See here.) And as for the progress made on life issues in the 1990s, the economic rebound which a Republican (and pro-life) Congress can take much credit for played a minor role in this reduction. There was so much more done to reduce the rate. Pro-life state legislatures and governors passed and enforced state laws requiring parental consent, informed consent, banning partial-birth abortion, and restricting Medicaid funding of abortions. The Supreme Court ruling Casey v. Planned Parenthood in 1992 really opened the doors for this legislation. (See here.) There is no evidence that any of this was a result of the efforts from Catholics like Senator Kerry or Senator Durbin or Senator Snowe or Mayor Giuliani or Governor Davis or Governor Pataki. And it is safe to bet that a Kerry presidency would halt and likely reverse this progress and the further progress (see here and here) made during the last four years under President Bush.

Professor of Roman Catholic Studies at College of the Holy Cross and CPR co-chair David O'Brien adds, "For all of Bush's talk about the Catholic vote, we find out from our Bishops this week that the President refused to complete the Catholic's Election Survey, the first major candidate to refuse their survey since it began in 1988. That is not surprising since Bush is on the wrong side of most Catholic teaching."

What is surprising is that the survey did not properly reflect Church teachings. Last I checked, broadcast regulation is not covered in the Catechism. (See here.) The survey did nothing to show that some of the items are of a greater or lesser gravity than others. (See here.) So, it is not surprising that President Bush was advised not to return it. I am inclined to believe that even some priests and bishops advised the Bush team to not return it.

Oh, one little thing this "Catholic" group forget to note is Senator Kerry also declined to return the survey. Must have just been an oversight. Yeah...right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The leader of this group, Sidney Callahan, is an outspoken proponent of ordaining women, starting with herself.

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