Saturday, October 30, 2004

Gallup Poll: Abortion Views Give President Bush 7% Edge Over John Kerry

Washington, DC ( -- The results of a new Gallup survey show that pro-life voters are more focused on electing pro-life candidates than "pro-choice" voters are on backing candidates who support abortion. They survey shows the abortion issue favors President Bush and Gallup says it could decide the election. According to the poll, 19% of likely voters say the abortion issue directs which candidates they are willing to support. Self-identified pro-life voters are nearly three times more likely to describe themselves as single issue voters than those who say they are "pro-choice" on abortion. Of the 19% who say abortion is important to them, thirty percent of pro-life voters will only vote for a candidate whose views match their own while only 11 percent of pro-abortion voters will only support pro-abortion candidates. On the other hand, 38 percent of pro-abortion voters say abortion is not a major issue in determining their vote while only 22 percent of pro-life voters say abortion doesn't matter. "[P]ro-life voters may have the greater impact at the polls. The reason lies in their level of intensity," says Lydia Saad, Senior Gallup Poll Editor. That intensity is reflected in the impact pro-life voters have on the views of likely voters overall. "The net result is that 13% of all likely voters say they are pro-life and will only vote for a candidate who shares their views on abortion," Saad explained. By contrast, only 6 percent of all likely voters say they back abortion and will only vote for candidates who will keep abortion legal. That 7 percent advantage could have a major impact on the presidential race where pro-life President George W. Bush battles pro-abortion candidate John Kerry. Read the complete story.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I submit that George Bush is not committed to outlawing Abortion because he has not done the two things that he could do to outlaw it they are.

1 Propose a constitutional amendment to outlaw it. Since he has already said he would like such an amendment to outlaw gay marriage why not one to outlaw abortion? And since both the house and the senate are Republican majorities he could ask them to pass such an amendment and have a reasonable chance of it passing.

2 Try to appoint more supreme court justices and rather than have only 9 justices increase the number of justices to 11 or 13 or whatever it took for him to ensure that the court would overturn Roe V. Wade. The constitution does not limit the number of supreme court justices to 9 and the president can appoint any number of justices he wants as FDR threatened to do when the Supreme court was striking down his new deal legislation over and over again. At that time the court backed down and started upholding his new deal legislation to prevent him from appointing more justices and it was called "the switch in time that saved nine". Everyone who has taken Constitutional law at the college or law school level knows about that and they also know that President Bush could with a republican majority in the senate as he has right now quite easily appoint as many justices as he wants or needs to overturn Roe V. Wade.

Because George W. Bush has not done either of these two things it proves he is not committed to overturning Abortion and he is just pandering to the religious right when he talks about abortion.

Citation of what I have said is as follows.

By the way packing the court with more supreme court justices would further all the agenda of the conservatives and overturn a lot of liberal law and uphold a lot of conservative law. Like flag burning, gay marriage, pledge of allegiance, 10 commandments in public places, lots of criminal law etc. This would change the balance of power in the conservative struggle for decades to come in favor of the conservatives since supreme court justices serve for life. All Bush needs to do is appoint several more justices and increase the number to any number he needs and if they are young they can serve for a very long time indeed. Bush's failure to do this means he is not committed to the conservative agenda. And since the Republicans are in the majority in the congress both in the house and the senate right now he could do this quite easily. In fact he should do it right now because he could lose control in one or even both after the election so waiting is not a viable option at all. Please tell Mr. Bush and all conservatives and republicans to push for an increase in the number of justices and for them to appoint all conservative justices. That will make a major difference in the law of this land for a very long time. If Bush did this he would ensure a conservative legacy for generations to come.

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