Monday, January 31, 2005

President Bush Backs Stem Cell Research Limits, Opposes Abortion in Interview

Washington, DC ( -- In an interview with the New York Times that the newspaper published on Friday, President Bush said he is comfortable with the ethical limits he put on embryonic stem cell research funding. He also said his job as president is to help change hearts and minds on the issue of abortion. In a 40-minute interview in the Oval office, Bush said he was comfortable with the limits he placed on taxpayer funding of embryonic stem cell research, even though many states are pushing to use state dollars. He said, "destroying life to create life is not ethical" and that "whether it happens in the private sector or the public sector, it doesn't change the ethics." On the issue of abortion, President Bush told the Times he could see the "glimmerings" of a nation in which every child is "welcomed in life and protected in law." "I think the goal ought to be to convince people to value life," Bush told the New York paper. "But, I fully understand our society is divided on the issue and that there will be abortions," Bush explained. "You know, that's reality... My job is to convince people to make right choices in life, to understand there're alternatives to abortion, like adoption, and will continue to do so." Read the complete story.

We need to work and pray for further limits on ESCR using federal and state monies. President Bush's efforts are far from perfect, but welcome given how close we came to a President Kerry in the White House.


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