Friday, February 04, 2005

New Adult Stem Cell Could Work Like Embryonic Stem Cells

Boston, MA ( -- Researchers at Tufts University say they have made a discovery that could revolutionize the stem cell research debate. They believe they have discovered an adult stem cell that has the same potential as embryonic stem cells.

The scientists used specialized cell-sorting machines to obtain different types of adult stem cells from the bone marrow of three donors.

Tests on the cells show that they appear to be capable of changing into the many varied types of cells that make up the human body -- a potential that has some scientists saying embryonic stem cells should be used despite the destruction of human life.

According to a Washington Post report, the bone marrow cells were injected into the hearts of rats who had experienced heart attacks.

Once inserted, some of the cells became new heart muscle and tissue, as adult stem cells have done before in numerous successful experiments. However, the cells also turned into new blood vessels to support the ailing hearts.


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