Wednesday, January 25, 2006

As Roe Turns 33, Don't Forget Pro-Life Laws Lower Abortions

Interesting piece from Rebecca Hagelin on a Heritage Foundation study (a 2004 Heritage Foundation study with similar results can be found here) that shows pro-life laws enacted at the state level having an affect on reduced abortion rates. Parental-notification laws, partial-birth abortion bans and informed-consent laws are making a difference.

Our liberal friends like to point out that much of the reduction occurred during President Clinton's watch and he deserves much credit for the economic expansion which helped poor women in keeping and raising their babies. Likewise we hear that contraception is the key to reducing abortion further. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even the SCOTUS in its Casey decision noted that abortion was used as contraception. This is what we would have seen from a President Kerry and what we are likely to see from pro-abortion state legislatures.

Changing the makeup of the SCOTUS is but one attack on the culture of death. Electing pro-life state legislators who will enact pro-life laws is another. And this front of the war needs our attention.


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