Monday, June 21, 2004

The Die is Cast in the Presidential Election

Oswald Sobrino's excellent Catholic Analysis of the Bush-Kerry matchup. An excerpt:

Never has Catholic or Christian teaching asked for a nation in the midst of a war for its survival to do nothing in the face of attack and the threat of attack. In fact, the Christian is morally obligated to protect the common good. And, in the end, that is all President Bush has done and will do. The moral weakness that allows Kerry to comfortably support abortion on demand is the same moral weakness that allows him to imagine living comfortably with the grave threat of Saddam Hussein. It is a moral weakness based on an extreme, dithering reluctance to confront evil. To elect a man like that as President in the midst of a global war on terror is to surrender our fate into the hands of our enemies. Under Kerry, our enemies would drive events in this war, not the U.S. And that would be a sin against the common good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

While focusing on such issues as abortion, and gay marriages, and amidst all the small talk of things that cannot be changed you forget the bigger issues. You forget that george w. is republican swine, a perfect representation of a person who takes the side of fat, rich, white, conservative people. And no matter how much you try to justify the fact that there is a war going on, murder is wrong. Right? Abortion is wrong, so war must most defanitley also be wrong. As a studying seminarian i stand back in awe at the audacity one must have to call themselves a catholic, and at the same time stand behind a greedy, war loving, arrogant person such as george w. Shame on you all, and shame on your self-important ways

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe you are quite mixed up. Catholics have no choice but to support George Bush over human life destroyer, baby-killer, war criminal, arrogant, socialist/communist, corrupt, crooked, wimp, traitor Kerry. And if you really are in the seminary, I will pray daily that you are educated in the truth because it seems to me you are blind to the facts about both Bush and Kerry.

9:35 PM  
Blogger Daniel H. Conway said...

Actually, you both are right and wrong. George Bush is a man who has chosen evil. He has chosen to wage an unjust war. And we will pay with money and lives.

And just to be fair, I must note that I can't be in the same room as a Republican. They make me nauseous. They are greedy losers who are always worried about their monet.

But Kerry is an abortion wuss. Stand up for what you believe, dude. It's not like he can hide behind libertarian "I hate the government" silliness, so we shouldn't regulate abortion. (Really, I come closer to this.) He should man up and say No to abortion.

But conservatives can't say that this war is unjust. Only unborn life is sacred, the rest of us are only valued by how well we stay out of their rifle sights.

Never trust a Republican, they are deadly.

9:24 PM  
Blogger peter wilson said...

Never trust a republican; but never vote for a democrat.............the DNC is the greatest evil facing America internally....(please note the semicolon)....

8:04 AM  

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