Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Bush is no Straddler

On the death penalty, Bush is for and Kerry straddles. On
abortion, Bush is against and Kerry straddles. On same-sex
marriage, Bush is demonstrably against, while Kerry is
rhetorically against but cleverly finds a policy resting
place that allows him to straddle.

It happens that I agree with Bush on the death penalty,
prefer the Supreme Court compromises on abortion and
disagree with him on a same-sex amendment. But in all
cases, this president takes a stand and makes clear what it
is. Bush is not trying to be, in the biblical phrase, all
things to all men.

Contrariwise, these Kerry straddles are troubling in one
who aspires to trustworthy leadership.


Blogger eroticus said...

It's always bests to go with the one who does not straddle. We all agree that straddlers are fairly evil people, and have been known to kick people's small children for no apparent at times. They are inherently tricky. There is a clear cut position everybody should take on all issues, no matter how they are framed. Those who claim that context matters, don't really have a good understanding of the bigger picture that we have. I have not come up with a good rhyme to go with Kerry, so I will have to resort to using the current talking point and call him a flip flopper.

Flippidy flopper Kerry does try to be, ALL THINGS TO ALL MEN(Deut 5:27)

CONTRARIWISE, Bush and Jesus hates fags.

Bush Cheney 04

10:40 PM  
Blogger Notauniquesnowflake said...

Wait a the death penalty is alright to you?!?... But abortion is not? isn't that a tad contradicting? In my opinion, the death penalty is worse than abortion because you are killing somebody that is already a developed person. I think that abortion is murder as well.... but at least with abortion, its a fetus that cannot feel the pain or know what is going on. And some women are always going to want abortions, no matter what. If it is no legal, then they will be forced to go have unskilled people with unproper tools perform the abortion. This would ultimately kill more pregnant women....and once again result in death, which is what is trying to be avoided in the first place.

And I think gay marriage is fine and is just another step foward for our nation. It would be a good thing and perhaps open everybody's mind to lifestyles that are not like their own. Thinking gay marriage is wrong is just like believing interacial marriage is a sin. Neither of which is true. People should be able to marry whomever they choose. Love is love, no matter what. if love is there, marriage should be an option.

And as a side note, do you realize with Bush as President, our nation is in the biggest deficit in the history of the U.S.? Just something to think about.

4:56 AM  

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