Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Pro-Life Voters: Vote for George W. Bush

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Blogger Paleface said...

I am very much in favor of Bush, in part for a reason I do not often hear mentioned: the virtue of prudence. When I hear someone claim he can abolish abortion in a day, I wonder if he is perhaps insane, or woefully ignorant of what a president is. Despite any promises he makes, how could I then vote for him? Politics is not all about "positions" or "philosophy" after all.

Nonetheless I would like to push a few of the concerns of the hard-liners, because I think they deserve better answers. The immediate question about Bush is: what would he actually do to bring about the end of abortion, or even a truly significant reduction in it? Although he has nominated some good judges, he has not shown himself to be keen on fighting for them, and has made significant compromises in that department and on stem-cells. He is also supposed to have said that the country is "not ready" to eliminate abortion. Do we have any evidence that the "gulf" between him and Kerry amounts to anything more than a sop to his political base, while he tends to the status quo?

This relates directly to a larger point: who says our responsibility as voters is for the next election alone? Why not conceive of a longer-term strategy, viz, that by voting for unelectable candidates today we give force to a movement that will eventually a) become capable of fielding an electable candidate who is more vigorously pro-life; b) put sufficient pressure on the Republican party to become more vigorously pro-life? I am not saying we have seen the proper vehicle for this yet, but I do wonder why this is not a more general topic of discussion for those pro-lifers now supporting Bush.

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