Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Should Catholics Vote For 'Dubya'?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It just doesn't make any sense why any pro-life Catholic would vote for someone who has absolutely no chance of winnig the presidency. What they do when they vote for the Constitional Party is that they give the election to the nation's most pro-abortion party and their candidate, John Kerry. As a result of this disgrace, Americans will see more children aborted thanks to pro-lifers who gave their vote to the Constitional Party. Think, please!

Even the pope said that we could support candidates and laws, albeit imperfect, as long as they begin the process of limiting abortions. GW Bush opposes almost all abortions and his administration has done more to protect the family from the culture of death. Do you really think that the Constitional Party has any chance of winning the white house? Friends, let's not be naive about this election. Any vote not for Bush is a vote for the abortion president wanna be, and that is John Kerry, our dearly beloved Catholic candidate.

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