Tuesday, July 13, 2004

George Weigal on the "middle" of life

In response to a reporter who suggests that the Catholic Church cares about the beginning and end of life, but not "the middle":

Catholics aren't single-issue voters, as everybody's polling data indicates. But if there is a perception that Catholics are not interested in the middle, as you call it, permit me to suggest that that is a false perception created by the obsession of the American media with the abortion issue and the euthanasia issue, and indeed matters of the Catholic Church and sexual morality in general.

The Catholic Church runs the largest, most successful independent school system helping impoverished kids in the country. If you want to see its results, you can go 10 blocks from here and see them. We run the largest independent health care system in the country, in which an enormous amount of resources are put into helping people who otherwise could not have access to quality health care. We do more for immigration services than any private-sector agency. If people don't know about that, it is, frankly, because you are not telling them about that.


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