Sunday, August 08, 2004

Swift Boat Veterans

Kerry Catholics are alleging that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth organization's campaign to tell the full truth about Senator Kerry's four months of service in Vietnam, is an anti-Catholic effort. Why?
The thinking seems to revolve around Jerome R. Corsi, the co-author of the book, 'Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry' which he wrote with Swift Boat Veterans for Truth founder John E. O'Neill. Corsi wrote some very unkind posts in an internet forum about the Holy Father and priests involved in the abuse scandal and thus is being labeled an anti-Catholic. Since Corsi is an 'anti-Catholic bigot', and he is connected to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth group, which is questioning the integrity of a candidate, who happens to call himself Catholic, then it must logically follow that this group and its agenda, is anti-Catholic. This is a stretch to say the least.
Let me state, Corsi's comments about the Holy Father and priests who abused young children were disgusting and beyond repeating here. But there have been others, Catholic even, who said and wrote similar things at the height of the priest abuse scandal. Were they and their efforts, anti-Catholic? Yes, some of them could be characterized as 'anti-Catholic'. Some spoke and wrote with much anger and disbelief that such things could happen in the Catholic Church. They were far from anti-Catholic. But there were others, who used the scandal as a means to promote changes in the Church which had little or nothing to do with the scandal or efforts to prevent future abuses.  Those that could be called anti-Catholic capitalized on the scandal to push for ordination of women, democratizing the Church, laity selection of bishops, acceptance of contraception, etc. Swift Boat Veterans for Truth is not calling for reforming the Church. And besides Senator Kerry chooses to not follow much of his Catholic faith when forming his political views. So, why would an anti-Catholic group want to attack a man who really is a Catholic in name only?
Again, Corsi's comments were uncalled for and disgusting, but by pointing out these comments Kerry Catholics are deflecting attention away from the serious allegations being raised by those who served with Senator Kerry in Vietnam. These allegations raise serious questions about his character and leadership. This man wants to be president. He has made his service in Vietnam a signature issue when determining his ability to be command-in-chief. We have heard his own story about this service. Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were there and they saw another side. A side which should be told. For many though, the efforts of Kerry Catholics and the DNC efforts to silence Swift Boat Veterans for Truth is telling enough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"A side which should be told. For many though, the efforts of Kerry Catholics and the DNC efforts to silence Swift Boat Veterans for Truth is telling enough."

Exactly who is trying to silence the group? Are there people with guns to your heads, telling you to shut the f*ck up? Or is the media just attempting to flush out the story. Since you talk so much about integrity and telling the truth, why not let any/all facts come out, and let the people decide what they will about the swift boat thing. Or should we just take the fringe-groups' claims at face value? If so, I'd like to tell you, my brother served in nam; he claims to have NEVER seen Kerry there once. Therefore, I must conclude that Kerry lied about the whole Vietnam thing. Those swift boat people claim they were within 50 yards or so of Kerry; they are liars; Kerry was NEVER in Vietnam. He sent a body double, constructed using embryonic stem cells illegally harvested from Kerry's twin sister (who not surprisingly misteriously disappeared).

I tell you the truth, because it's the truth you want to hear. Anybody who disputes me just doesn't want to hear the truth. Get my drift?

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Blogger Michael_Urbana said...

I understand your argument, but Corsi's
bigotry was not simply a reaction to the
abuse scandal. In fact, his anti-Catholic
comments came amid a stream of hate which
touch on seemingly everyone who was not
a White Ango-Saxon Protestant. Your comments
are thoughtful, but I do not think Jerome
Corsi is worthy of your defense, or indeed
any defense by a Catholic.

Nor is my criticism on the fringe. Just
yesterday a Vatican newspaper carried an article
online detailing Mr. Corsi's bigotry.

A careful and unbiased look at the rest of these
Swift Boat Veterans is no more assuring.

Let us defeat John Kerry and rally Catholic
support against him. But we should not embrace
these people. They deserve our contempt. As
it has been put: sometimes the enemy of my enemy
is still my enemy.

Jerome Corsi, the co-author of the Swift Boats book,
will only turn uncertain Catholics away from the
Republican Party.

In addition, we must be wary of such types. Obviously,
the GOP is not an anti-Catholic party, but we all know
that there are elements of bigotry still living (even
thriving) in some of its dark corners. We must stamp
these out, if we are to capture the Catholic vote decisively.

In Kentucky, where my family is from, hatred against Catholics is still routine in the local GOP (AND the local Democratic Party). By turning a blind eye to
this hatred we only hurt ourselves.

My only fear is that our fellow party members have
already embraced this book without knowing anything about its membership or content, and it is growing more and more difficult to separate ourselves from it.

6:36 AM  

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