Sunday, October 17, 2004

I have posted on opposition to contraception

I have been looking back over the last few months posts and found this one.

Demand-side again

One area of the demand-side argument re: abortion which is never, it seems, mentioned is the contraceptive culture. If it is crucial to address 'health care, child care, family leave, wage inequity, (and) domestic violence' in order to stem the slaughter of innocent unborn children then it is also important that the contraceptive culture be addressed.

Paul VI warned that the practice of contraception would lead us down a slippery slope to an increase in divorce, adultery, child abuse, premarital promiscuity, and abortion. Though abortion is more serious, contraception is the crucial issue here. So, if we want to stem the demand for abortion, then we must also change the contraceptive culture.

President Bush's commitment in this area is a good start. He HAS addressed contraception. He has increased funding for abstinence-only programs and withheld funding from international organizations which promote contraception and abortion. Later this month the FDA will make a decision on whether or not to allow over-the-counter sales of emergency contraception. Though I do not know what, if anything, the president can do to stop this approval I have read of a compromise which would set a minimum age for purchasers and keep the drug behind drugstore counters so pharmacists would control sales. I hope and pray that this 'Plan B' drug is not allowed to be sold. But it seems inevitable that it will be approved. It too will contribute to promiscuity and very likely to more abortions.

Just like there has been no word from the Kerry camp on his hope and desire to reduce abortion thorough his economic policies, so too there is nothing from him on changing the contraceptive culture. You can be sure Sen Kerry will be up front to congratulate the FDA later this month when they approve OTC sales. That alone should tell you that he does not care to work to stem the rate of abortions.


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