Sunday, October 17, 2004

More on "Lip-service"

Amy Welborn has posted an editorial from the Denver Post accusing te GOP of paying lip service to pro-lifers. We've heard it before. The comments under the post are the better read. Here are some highlights:

"If the Republians have no interest in stopping abortion, then why are planned parenthood and naral and NOW and all these other groups calling Bush "the greatest threat to women's 'rights'" and saying that 2004 is the most important election ever? Either this editorial is a lie or planned parenthood is lying. The pro-aborts can't have it both ways."

"The men and women Pres Bush has nominated for cirucuit court positions (particularly the DC Circuit, historically a springboard to the SCt) have been quite pro-life: Estrada, Brown, and Pryor, to name just three. Catholic Democrats like Kennedy and Leahy have been instrumental in keeping them off the court.

Don't tell me Bush is doing nothing with respect to the judiciary to overturn Roe--that's simply false."

"The majority Republicans have decided to play the issue ultra cool and avoid giving the demagogues a target, ANY target. After they have secured a functional base of power, the presidency and a clear majority in the Senate, judicial nominations for the Supreme Court will be ultra carefully vetted to produce nominees who absolutely reject the JUDICIAL thinking (if it can be called that) behind the Roe V. Wade, Doe v. Bolton, etc. cases. They believe that once the schizoid legal platform on which the whole illegitimate abortion regime rests is cracked, the rest will come down. What takes its place could take a variety of forms and need not be settled in advance. The new judges could push the issue back to the political branches of government. They could de-federalize the issue and send it to the states. Of course both of these mean decades of hypercharged abortion politics for years to come. Or they could place the fetus under the legal protection of personhood. Or they could take any number of other approaches.

So, only after these benchmarks and political tools are clearly in the hands of a Republican pro-life majority will we have the real test. Only then will a failure to deliver a major abortion reform (as much as the body politic will tolerate) be taken as clear proof of betrayal."

"I know perfectly well the Republicans repeatedly drop the ball on abortion and many do so cynically.

But I also know the Democrats NEVER drop the ball with respect to abortion: no bill, no judicial nominee, no candidate for dog catcher that threatens full-on, no-holds-barred infanticide-on- demand ever gets by them.

If you don't see that, you're blind. If you don't care about that, you're worse than blind."


Blogger Big Time Patriot said...

George Bush was given a chance in the last Presidential debate to flat out say that he would only appoint Supreme Court judges who would over turn Roe v. Wade and make abortion rights a state matter again, opening the way for the banning of abortion on a state by state manner. George Bush REFUSED to make a statement in that regard. How can a ''pro-life'' voter support a man who does NOT state support for the issues so seemingly dear to such a voter?

When George Bush had a chance on a national platform to be a leader on this great moral issue of abortion…GEORGE BUSH WAFFLED!! GEORGE BUSH WEASELED AND FLOPPED ON THE ABORTION ISSUE!! He does NOT deserve the support of anyone who holds such an issue dear to their heart.

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least he didn't support murder as John Kerry has and said that he will ONLY appoint PRO CHOICE judges to the Supreme court to protect a woman's right to choose. Of course if it is a poor woman think of all the welfare that saves him on his tax bill.

7:58 PM  
Blogger Big Time Patriot said...

Well actually the President DOES support death, he supported death when he declined to overturn death penalties as governor. He supported death when he chose to go to war under false pretenses. Don't pretend that a vote for Bush will not directly result in deaths and those deaths will be on your hands...

12:08 AM  

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