Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Cardinal Rigali urges Pres. Bush to continue defense of unborn and of marriage

Cardinal Justin Rigali issued a statement following President Bush’s re-election expressing “prayerful good wishes” for the president and his family, and urging him to “remain steadfast in the defense of traditional family values” and to continue stressing the need to protect the most vulnerable and the unborn.

”My brother bishops and I will strive to work with the President as he deals with the difficult issues facing our nation,” said the Cardinal. “I commend President Bush for his emphasis on the sacredness of human life demonstrated during his first term and I urge him to continue in his second term to stress the need to protect the most vulnerable among us and all human life.”


Blogger Lord Emu said...

The Catholic church in its race to grab souls defines life as moment of conception. Why not hold every individual cell in a human body as sacred by that definition. Cells divide cells grow into tissue masses, tumors grow nicely in our bodies ... but are any of these life? ... I think you would say no but every one of them has the DNA information encoded within it to make a life and could form a clone of the host easily.... A life must be independently able to survive. A foetus cannot independently survive at conception, indeed most of them die for many reasons within the first few days.
All these celibet cardinals and the pope know nothing about conception ... unless you count Gods rape of Mary the so called 'immaculate' ... They know nothing about true love, the love of your own child, the love for your wife and they know nothing about what a women who decides to have an abortion goes through. They know nothing about women. They cannot imagine in there widest wet dreams what the joys of sex and love of a woman and your own child are like ... How could they?... and yet they pontificate and lobby there pathetically ill informed views from their pulpits. Well like God ... maybe they think women should just be used and have no say over what is growing within their bodies, like the Hindus in India, let men decide everything. Well no more will women and ignorance dictate an individuals rights over there own body. A foetus has no more rights than a tumor ... until it is born and individually free of its mothers body it is not viable, it is just an internal mass of growing cells and tissue . The mother has all rights over it and all the rights it needs and should be allowed to make all decisions herself that concern her body and her foetus. If only men gave birth, what a different religion catholicism would be!!

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