Friday, November 19, 2004

There is more to the story guys

Newsday has posted an article showing that the "nine most Catholic states" went for Senator Kerry. I do not know exactly what information Newsday wishes to convey here, but the headline and information seems to suggest to the casual reader that Senator Kerry did well among Catholic voters. In case Newsday editors forgot, President Bush carried 52% of the Catholic vote nationwide. And to better understand all this it should be noted that in three of those states, a majority of Catholic voters supported President Bush over Senator Kerry and in three others (including Massachusetts) Senator Kerry won only slim majorities (2-4 points) of Catholic voters. Another missed observation is that in 8 of these 9 states President Bush increased his share of the Catholic vote. The increase ranged from 17 points in Massachusettes, 11 points in New York and Connecticut, 7 points in New Jersey, and 4 points in Pennsylvania.

The nine most Catholic states are (Catholic vote breakdown provided by exit poll results):
Rhode Island (63.5 percent Catholic), 40% Bush 59% KERRY (+5 increase for Bush)
Kerry's own Massachusetts (47.7 percent), 49% Bush 51% KERRY (+17 increase for Bush)
New Jersey (43.5 percent), 58% BUSH 41% Kerry (+7 increase for Bush)
New York (40.6 percent), 51% BUSH 48% Kerry (+11 increase for Bush)
Connecticut (38.7 percent), 53% BUSH 47% Kerry (+11 increase for Bush)
Illinois (31 percent), 44% Bush 56% KERRY
Wisconsin (30.5 percent), 48% Bush 52% KERRY (+1 increase for Bush)
Pennsylvania (30 percent) 49% Bush 51% KERRY (+4 increase for Bush)
California (29.8 percent). 35% Bush 63% KERRY (-4 decrease for Bush)

Tenth ranked Louisiana, (29.4 percent Catholic), went heavily for President Bush. 68% BUSH 31% Kerry (+11 increase for Bush)


Blogger Jeffery said...

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Blogger Nate said...

What has to be considered as well is that the exit polling was overwhelmingly biased for Sen. Kerry, probably deliberately, which could mean that Bush took even more of the Catholic vote than the exit polling reveals, considering that Bush took more of the vote overall than the exit polling reveals.

What Newsday isn't keeping in mind is that some of the "Catholic states" it mentions are filled with schismatic, heretical and/or apostate Catholics from groups like Call To Action, Voice of the Faithful, etc. who really shouldn't be representative of the "Catholic vote" since they are only nominally Catholic to begin with.

11:26 AM  

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