Thursday, February 24, 2005

Catholics ATTACK Diocesan Social Action Directors

That's right. Catholics who remained faithful to Catholic teachings as promulgated by the Magisterium, during last year's election campaign harassed, disrupted, resisted, targeted, inundated, got ugly with, were hostile, showed little civility, were confrontational, challenged, were very vocal, and coarse toward diocesan social action directors. Wow! This is quite the accusation. Yet, according to Joe Feuerherd over at the National Catholic Reporter and Professor William Dinges of Catholic University of America there were "very vocal and relentless ... ideologically motivated and situated" Catholics who acted in "self-righteous, authoritarian, exclusionary and really in fundamentalist-like ways" during the election year. Wow, again!

These Catholics were supposedly motivated by Catholic Answers' Voting Guide for Serious Catholics. I would like to think that the eyes of these Catholics (from the "right wing of Catholicism and who practice a "red-faith", as in Red state) were merely opened by the Voting Guide and they were really motivated by the actual teachings of the Catholic Church referred to in the Guide. For if you read it you should see that the five non-negotiable issues do not compare to other issues such as immigration, tax rates, how or whether to reform Social Security, the death penalty, the war in Iraq, etc. These issues are important, make no mistake, and the principles of Catholic social teaching help Catholics determine how to deal with them. There may be many ways to deal with how to reform Social Security and handle illegal immigration in our country, but there is only one position on abortion, ESCR, human cloning, euthanasia, and same sex marriage. On this there is no question. The Church documents referred to in the Guide make this clear. Read it and I hope you will see that.

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