Thursday, February 17, 2005

Howard Dean on Catholics in America

On Saturday, New DNC chair Howard Dean had this to say about Catholics in America:
We have to remind Catholic Americans that the social mission of the
Democratic Party is almost exactly the social mission of the Catholic

Not in the transcript was the following line:
Except when it comes to abortion, embryonic stem cell research, same sex mariage, euthansia, and human cloning.

"Almost exactly"? I would have agreed if he said "sometimes exactly" or "once in a great while exactly". And I have some advice for Dean over the comments he made about speaking differently about abortion and other issues (Dems are "pro-choice" vice "pro-abortion): Actions speak louder than words.


Blogger Tim Huegerich said...

I couldn't agree more. Politicians shouldn't pretend to be in line with Catholic teaching unless they're willing to take it seriously on ALL ISSUES. This applies to Dean and everyone else.

10:07 AM  

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