Saturday, February 05, 2005

President Bush in Omaha

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Had the opportunity to see and hear the president speak about his ideas to fix Social Security while in Omaha, Nebraska this past Friday. My wife and three and a half year old son waited in line for tickets on Wed for two and half hours. (God bless them both!) We arrived at the Qwest Center earlier then we needed on Fri morning. Except for the cold weather it was a quite enjoyable experience to be around a couple thousand "Bushies". The seats were not close and were a bit high above the level of the stage. Still, I was excited to be there with my wife and son to show our support. One day I will remind my son that when President Bush proposed to fix and save Social Security he was there with 10,000 other folks to pressure a Democratic senator (Sen Ben Nelson) to support the president's plan. (Which I believe he will.) It was an historic moment and we were there!

I hope to post more on the president's Social Security reform proposals in light of Catholic Social teaching here and over at Catholics in the Public Square and Catholics for Democracy. For now I would suggest folks check out the Heritage Foundation's Social Security Briefing Room and the Club for Growth's (now led by fellow Catholic and now former Rep. Pat Toomey) blog on Social Security reform.

I have been researching and taking notes and hope to have some thoughts to share soon. I would be so very grateful if you would keep me in your prayers as I work on this.


Blogger Tim Huegerich said...

Dear David,
I appreciate your efforts researching the Social Security issue. I have not been able to research it too much yet, myself, and I will keep your efforts in my prayers.

I want to invite you to submit your finished product as an entry in the new "Guide" over at Catholics for Democracy. If you decide to do this, please use the Issues "template" I have recently posted for your format. The template is currently in "draft" stage, so please also comment on the template if you have any suggestions for improving it or ideas for adding to it (such as useful links to add, or another heading).


11:24 AM  
Blogger Nate said...

I'll be interested to see your work on Social Security. I don't know much about Bush's Social Security plans vis a vis Catholic social teaching, which is why I haven't yet blogged about it at my blog or at Sollicitudo Rei Socialis.

8:12 AM  

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