Saturday, October 02, 2004

Vote in accordance with church teaching, archbishop tells Catholics

From the Catholic News Service:

Archbishop Burke said "[T]here is no element of the common good, no morally good practice, that a candidate may promote and to which a voter may be dedicated, which could justify voting for a candidate who also endorses and supports the deliberate killing of the innocent, abortion, embryonic stem-cell research, euthanasia, human cloning or the recognition of a same-sex relationship as legal marriage."

Archbishop Burke said he recognized the fact that often no candidate upholds the moral law in its entirety. He said that, according to church teaching, in such a case the Catholic voter must choose the candidate who will most limit "the evil of abortion or other intrinsically evil practices."

Here is Archbishop Burke's Pastoral Letter in its entirety.

More from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the AP Wire.


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